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“Planning a Holiday? Why Jakarta Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot”

many incredible cities to discover. There is one place that needs to be on your short list…Jakarta. The capital of Indonesia, this busy city is nothing short of extraordinary. It is so much to discover here! Thanks to its many different influences…the food is unique, the shopping is one of a kind, and there are many exciting places to see. Are you looking for the perfect destination? The best place to spend your time? Here are a few reasons why Jakarta should be your next vacation spot.


The Accommodations Are Outstanding. It is one of the most important aspects of any successful vacation. The accommodations. A sub par room can dramatically impact your stay. It can mean the difference between a fantastic experience and one that is only so-so. That is the great thing about Jakarta. The accommodations are top notch. There are many incredible places to stay, like the Grand Whiz Kelapa Gading. All you need to do is book your hotel room on can expect a beautiful room, a luxurious hotel, and a great price. What better way is there to start your vacation? Jakarta will take your breath away. And so will its accommodations!


The Food Will Seriously Satisfy Your Stomach. Is your stomach growling? It won’t be for very long. Especially if you choose to spend time in Jakarta, Indonesia. The food here is spectacular. Beyond spectacular. Since there are so many different cultural influences in the city, the food options are diverse. That means you can always enjoy an incredible dish. There are many different restaurants and cafes to try. Or you can always stop by one of the local markets for fresh food. Another option is to stop by one of the food stalls. They give you the opportunity to eat like a local. Whether you want cuisine that is familiar or totally new…you can find it in this amazing city.


The Nightlife Scene Is Top Notch. Your exciting getaway doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. In fact, it could be the beginning of something truly incredible. Jakarta is known for its nightlife scene. It actually has some of the best in all of Asia. Not only is the atmosphere welcoming but there are many options. The city is full of nightclubs, bars, and lounges. So put on your dancing shoes and get glam. Jakarta awaits! Something to keep in mind? Drinks tend to be a little pricey and most of the popular nightclubs require you to pay an entrance fee. Be sure to have a little extra cash set aside if you plan to hit the town. Oh, and don’t forget to ask locals for recommendations. There are a number of wonderful places to visit (like the SKYE rooftop restaurant and bar) and they will know which places to skip and which places to visit.


There is no doubt about it. Jakarta should be your next vacation spot. It is a fantastic place to visit. It has a unique cultural history, many attractions, standout accommodations, great food, and a bustling nightlife scene. What more could you possibly need from your vacation?