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Deciphering Common Relationship Myths by Attending a Couple’s Retreat

There are so many relationship myths that are passed from generation to another that you should be aware of to steer your engagement or marriage in the right direction. Most of these myths are based on here-say, and so you should not believe in any of them. Couples retreats schedule special workshops that are geared towards deciphering these myths and helping couples live a better life.

Here are four common relationship myths that you should not believe in at all.

1# Your spouse should know what you are feeling and what you need

This myth is responsible for thousands of breakups as it places unnecessary pressure and attention on persons who are in a relationship. Unless he or she is a licensed and reputable psychic, believing and expecting him or her to know what you are feeling and need outright is counterproductive. During the couple’s retreat, you will learn that it is your responsibility to tell your partner what you need. You will also get to understand the need to express your feelings to him or her in the right way.

2# You should stay in the romance phase forever

Staying in the romance phase would be exhausting, think about all the things that you would have to forgo just to stay at home with your spouse. The “love hormone” dopamine cannot even sustain itself that long if it did, it would probably hurt your health. A healthy relationship goes through three distinct stages that define the experiences that couples go through. The first stage is romance, the second one is conflict, and the last one is the resolution.

3# Sex urges dwindles after getting married

In a healthy and well-connected relationship, intimacy increase with time and so does the urge to make love. If sex fades, it is often because the couple is not working on fixing issues that are plaguing their marriage.

Finally, there is a select group of people who believe that a good relationship is devoid of challenges. Studies have proved that this is not true. At some point, your partner’s true colors will surface, and this will presents an opportunity for dialogue and healing. Couples retreats are tailored to provide couples with an opportunity to get a thorough understanding of their relationships and prepare them for challenges that they may come across in future.