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5 Things to do before you hit 50


Image Source: Flickr

The term ‘bucket list’ doesn’t actually refer to a particular age limit, but let’s just say that if you haven’t done most of these things before you hit the half century mark, you probably never will. That being said, each one of us are individuals, and there can never be a definitive set of activities that each of us wish to experience before we shift our collective mortal coils. So we’ve decided to compile a top 5 that includes items from most of our wish lists into something that should appeal to a large percentage of those who are reading this…

1. Learn to fly

Nowadays this is easier than ever, and as long as your eyesight is still okay and you don’t suffer from vertigo, you can actually get up there in the sky for a lot less than you think. Light aircraft flying lessons are available all over the UK, and plenty of over 50’s are enjoying this fabulous experience for themselves. Just spend a little time finding the best options and you’ll soon be up, up and away! You might eventually find yourself surprised at how little group ownership of a small plane can cost these days as well…

2. Jump out of a plane

It may seem a trifle odd to have these two together, but you may as well make hay while the sun shines! Combining the two on the same trip is probably not the best move, but the thrill of a parachute jump will be hard to beat. Just like learning to fly, getting parachuting lessons here in the UK isn’t that big a deal any more. You’ll probably need to speak to your doctor first, but if your heart is in good condition and your knees are up to it, there shouldn’t be an issue.

3. Visit a far-off land

Many of us never quite manage to travel the world as much as we would like. That’s a real shame, because it’s cheaper than ever to do exactly that. Why not take a few months off and get yourself to China, Australia or even South America? They say that travel can change your perspective on life, and perhaps that’s what’s missing from yours? At the age of 50, you still have enough time to change things if you really want to. So why not stick a pin in the map, and go and travel the world?

4. Try a new hobby

We’re not really talking about stamp collecting here, but whatever floats your boat! Why not sign up to some ballroom dancing lessons, or perhaps try a new sport? Variety is the spice of life, and anything’s better than being trapped in your home watching the same old drivel on the TV.

5. Learn a new language

We Brits are probably the laziest in the world when it comes to picking up new languages, so why not buck the trend? You can choose from online lessons or real life classes, and you may just surprise yourself. Combine this with number 3, and add even more value to your travels abroad.

We do you hope that you can draw some inspiration from these suggestions; if not, come up with your own – we’d love to hear them!